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Desco Europe ESD Control

Desco Europe of Desco Industries Inc - The Specialists in ESD Protection

Desco Europe is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality ESD Control Products and Services, having specialised in Static Control solutions for the electronics industry for over 40 years. Desco Europe sells the full range of Desco Industries, Inc. brand products, manufactured in our facilities in the USA and UK.
Desco Europe offers a complete range of ESD solutions stocked in the UK, including:
• Ionisers
• ESD Continuous Monitors
• ESD Wrist Straps, Cords and Grounding Accessories
• ESD-Safe Mats
• ESD Tapes
• ESD Test Equipment

Our product brands include SCS, Desco, EMIT, MENDA, Tronex, Protektive Pak, Easy Braid, Vermason, Charleswater and Statguard Flooring.

Featured products

Self balancing Ioniser

Zero Volt Ioniser

  • The EMIT Benchtop Zero Volt Ioniser is a compact and lightweight steady state DC auto-balancing worksurface or multi-mount ioniser with integrated closed-loop feedback
  • The unit can be placed at one end of the workbench or mounted to a wall or shelf, targeted at the area to be neutralised
  • It is designed to neutralise electrostatic charges on insulators and isolated conductors in less than 2 seconds. It has a very low balance (offset voltage) of ±3V typical

Digital Surface Resistance Meter Kit

Digital Resistance Tester
  • Validates worksurfaces, flooring, garments and more per IEC 61340-5-1
  • Large OLED display with resistance, temperature, humidity & test voltage
  • Stores up to 100 measurements in internal memory
  • Sets the 15-second electrification period per IEC test requirements
  • Includes electrode spacers for repeatable testing

Desco Europe's Digital Surface Resistance Meter – Using Internal Memory

Up to 100 measurements may be stored and recalled from the meter's internal memory. This includes the resistance value, temperature, relative humidity and test voltage at the time of the measurement. Watch and learn how to use the internal memory

MENDA Blue Static Dissipative Flux Dispenser

Menda LDPE durAstatic® liquid dispensing flux bottles with needle tips are embossed with ESD symbol and are safe to use around static sensitive components.

Blue ESD Flux Dispenser

Mini Zero Volt Ioniser (ZVI) 2

A compact ioniser for neutralising electrostatic charges on insulators and isolated conductors. Ideal for confined spaces such as in automated equipment.

Mini Zero Volt Ioniser 2

Clear ESD Tape with Symbols and Yellow Stripe

A 48mm wide antistatic tape with ESD symbol. Ideal for container sealing, static shielding bag closure, holding DIP tubes, or for general use in the EPA.

Clear ESD Tape w/ Symbols

Statfree DLR2 ESD Matting

A roll of 1.2 x 10m blue rubber matting. A 2mm thick ESD work surface, lightly textured, easy to clean, and heat (soldering iron) and chemical resistant.

Clear ESD Tape w/ Symbols
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