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Harwin Hi-Rel Connectors

Harwin - high reliability interconnect solutions for demanding applications

Connect with confidence using Harwin’s impressive array of ‘must not fail’ connector products that outperform the competition. Through innovation, advanced technologies, service and inspiration we help customers to realize competitive advantage by solving demanding connectivity challenges.

Flagship products Include the Gecko (1.25mm pitch), Datamate (2mm pitch), Mix-Tek (combined signal, power and coax) and high temperature M300 (3mm pitch) product lines. In addition, the company offers easy-to-implement EMI/RFI shielding solutions, a comprehensive portfolio of PCB hardware and a broad range of industry standard connectors. Harwin’s global reach enables us to respond rapidly to customer needs, with sales offices and manufacturing facilities in the UK, the USA, Germany, France and Singapore.

Featured products

Gecko Hi-Rel Connectors

Gecko 1.25mm Pitch High-Reliability Connectors

  • Robust and rugged design, ideal for safety critical applications where weight, size, and performance are key. Capable of 1,000 mating operations.
  • Features 2A per contact while withstanding extremes of shock (100g for 6ms), vibration (20g for 2 hours) and temperature (-65°C to +150°)
  • Up to 45% smaller and up to 75% lighter than Micro-D style connectors

EMC Shield Cans and Shield Can Clips

EMC Shield Cans and Clips
  • Provide excellent RFI and EMI protection for vulnerable components
  • Eliminate the need for expensive manual soldering and post reflow operation
  • SMT design provided on tape and reel for cost-effective automated assembly
  • Increase reliability by eliminating potential hotspots and thermal damage
  • Design flexibility with a wide range of off-the-shelf stock options

RFI Shield Clips from Harwin's EMC Shielding range

Harwin’s SMT Shield Clips for EMI & RFI shielding eliminate the need for hand-soldering shielding cans to a PCB. Instead, cans are pressed into clips which have been placed during the main automated SMT assembly process, increasing reliability / design flexibility.

Datamate J-Tek Hi-Rel Connectors

Secure, robust 2.00mm pitch connector range for demanding applications. Capable of 3A per contact and able to withstand extremes of shock and vibration.

Harwin J-Tek Connectors

Datamate Mix-Tek Hi-Rel Power Connectors

Compact and light weight power connector designed for demanding applications in extreme environments. Gold plated contact options capable of 20A and 40A.

Harwin Power Connectors

Archer 1.27mm Pitch Connectors

Industry standard connectors backed by Harwin’s outstanding service and quality. Available in a variety of configurations and sizes for design flexibility.

Harwin Archer Connectors

Spring Contacts for EMC Shielding

Provide a simple and effective method of creating an electrical or grounding connection. SMT design, supplied on tape and reel for automated assembly.

Harwin EMC Spring Contact
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