The family owned company Celduc relais has been operating in France near St Etienne since 1964.  Celduc relais is clearly a leader among the global Solid State Relays (SSR) manufacturers. As an expert in its field, Celduc relais offers a wide range of products to switch various loads like industrial heaters in temperature control systems, lighting control, motor control with for example :  interface SSR, printed circuit board SSR, single-phase, two-phase, three-phase solid state relays, analogue control relays, DC solid state relays…. https://www.celduc-relais.com/en/

Celduc relais creates revolutionary products like for example these two optional modules directly pluggable on solid state relays type SU, SUL and SUM: a current monitoring module called ESUC, and a temperature controller ECOM, see page 20 of our product guide: https://www.celduc-relais.com/en-us/technical-library/catalogs-brochures/

Celduc relais also offers various diagnostics solutions, giving information about the status of the load (for resistive loads), about the relay output (closed or not) and the network mains (see pages 20 and 21 of our product guide).

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