There is so much advice and help around PPE and safety, it's hard to navigate it successfully. So whether you need help selecting the correct product or understanding the legislation around a specific type of PPE; we've pulled it all together in one place to make it clearer and easier for you.

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Health and Safety Made Simple

Learn all about the Basics for your Business from the Health & Safety Executive.

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Your Complete Guide to PPE

Handy reference helps you ensure you are fully compliant and your workers are fully protected by the most suitable PPE for their job.

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Practical Guide for Businesses

Explains what potential hazards are, and what safety measures need putting in place with advice on how to apply these to your business.

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Protect Home Workers

When someone is working from home, as an employer, you have the same health and safety responsibilities. Find out what you need to consider.

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Which Work Glove is Best?

Designed to help you understand applications, types, features, materials and the key functions of different types of work gloves.

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Face Fit Testing from 3M

The performance of respirators relies on achieving a good seal between the respirator and the face; face fit testing checks this.

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Guide to Face Masks & Shields

Everything you need to know about the regulations around face masks and shields and the different requirements for different industries.

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Find the Right Welding Helmet

Let us help you find the welding helmet that's right for your needs with this interactive selector from 3M.

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Respiratory Protection Guide

Discover the different types of respirators and filters available plus the hierarchy of hazard control in our comprehensive guide.

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Get the Right Safety Eyewear

Interactive tool from 3M helps you find the right eyewear for your needs using their Safety Advisor.

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Goggles versus Glasses

Covering what safety eyewear does and it's importance, the different ratings and grades and how to wear it correctly.

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Keep your Eyewear Clean

Safety eyewear needs to be cleaned and stored correctly to prolong life. Learn how to with uvex.

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Ear Defender Guide

All there is to know about ear defenders from how they work to the levels of protection they can give.

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Find the Right Ear Protection

Interact with the 3M hearing advisor to get the correct ear protection for your application.

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Why Work Trousers?

Discover all there is to know about work trousers from materials, styles and why they're better than standard trousers for specific tasks.

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Safety Footwear Guide

Guide to which footwear should be used where and what the different safety ratings mean for you.

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