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The industrial internet of things can offer a great deal of benefits to businesses, but at the same time can seem hard to know where to start, or what the next steps should be. Here we provide information, advice and guidance on how to progress, challenges to look out for, and what you can achieve. We hope this will help you get the most from this technology.

Industrial IoT –  The basics

Industrial IoT – The basics

6 Steps on the Industrial IoT journey based on insight from manufacturers and IIoT pioneers.

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Communication Breakdown

Communication Breakdown

The concept of IIoT and the digitisation of the manufacturing world opens the doors to unprecedented business opportunities.

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7 Tips to Secure your IIoT devices

7 Tips to Secure your IIoT devices

Joseph da Silva, Chief Information Security Office at Electrocomponents PLC offers his view on how to ensure your IIoT implementation is secure.

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Video - IIOT Hardware

What is IIoT hardware?

How does IIoT hardware release data to allow quicker analysis and decisions? Watch our video to find out....

Video - IIOT Datacomms

The importance of datacomms for IIoT

Watch our video to discover why industrial data communications - both cabled & wireless - is vital for IIoT.

Video - IIOT T&M

The advantages of Connected T&M

Connected T&M is another way IIoT technology can help. Discover the benefits in our 80 second video....

Video - IIOT Full

The complete IIoT story

Want to understand how IIoT hardware, Industrial Datacomms and Connected T&M can work together? Watch the video below....

Will Industry 4.0 find its way into SMEs in the future?

Industry 4.0 is when components communicate independently with the production system and, if necessary, arrange for repairs themselves or reorder materials. It's when people, machines and industrial processes network intelligently.

With our smart factories, we are now facing the 4th Industrial Revolution. Will Industry 4.0 find its way into SMEs in the future?

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IIOT Products From Leading Brands

We stock an extensive range of IIOT products, helping you to achieve many of the benefits the industrial internet of things has to offer. Here are some examples from across our range.