Nector M Power System from TE Connectivity

The new Nector M Power System of connectors designed for lighting and power provides smarter connections for the construction industry with a reconfigurable plug-n-play alternative to hard-wired electrical connections.

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About the TE Connectivity Nector M Power System

Designed for lighting and power, the Nector M is a reliable and versatile connector system that could revolutionise the way you install electrical systems.

The Nector M is a modular wiring connector and cabling system for lighting and permanent electrical installations in the building and construction industries. The unsealed system is ideal for indoor lighting and electrical installations use and the sealed system is designed for outdoor and harsh environments.

Ideal for lighting designers, contractors and OEM’s who want flexibility in distributing power to lighting systems and electrical devices the Nector M Power System has many benefits over traditional hard-wired electrical connections.

  • Simplified routing:

The small circular design takes up less space that traditional rectangular alternatives making cable routing much simpler.

  • Rapid risk-free installation:

The connectors have a positive locking feature and use multiple mechanical keying options helping to eliminate wiring errors and allow rapid risk-free installation.

  • Reduced installation time:

The multifunctional modular plug-n-play design makes it very user friendly. Installers can prepare components off-site in advance, minimising time and disruption on-site.

  • Re-configurable:

In addition splitters and couplers make the system re-configurable. It is quick and easy to install or remove additional components, offering a huge advantage over traditional hard-wired solutions.

  • Global Solution:

The Nector M is designed to be a global solution and offers IEC61535 and UL 1977 approvals.

Installation Example

Demonstrating the advantages of using the Nector M modular connector system from TE Connectivity, focusing on the 3 Way T-Connector (921-1511).

Key Products within the range:

The Nector M Power System offers a complete range of 3, 5, 6 & 7 pole pluggable electrical installation components for indoor applications.

The range includes free-hanging, panel mounting and PCB-Mounting connectors alongside splitters and couplers.

Nector M Unsealed System is ideal for Retail, Schools, Commercial buildings, offices and hotels.

Nector M Sealed System is IP67 rated making it an ideal solution for outdoor - street lighting – and high humidity applications such as shipbuilding, residential, greenhouses, and hospitals.

3-pole System

Ideal solution for ceiling, wall, pendant and furniture lighting fixtures that require ground connection in residential or commercial spaces.

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5-pole System

Provides power and signal connections required for lighting control (eg. DALI) applications.

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7-pole System

Provides additional power and signal connections to be used for emergency lighting systems and for colour control lighting capability.

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