Whether you are teaching design or just want to find out more, we can help you. We’ve products designed specifically for students to build robots or learn about programming, to our Raspberry Pi kit enabling you to build circuits to complete missions. More interested in designing? Then we have DesignSpark software to help you design your printed circuit board, plus PCB prototyping products to help you build and test it. Do you have an item you need to copy and recreate? Then a 3D scanner can help, and if you've designed it and need to produce it, then our full range of 3D printers and associated products will do the job for you.

Range highlights from PCB & Prototyping

3D Print Functional Prototypes

3D printing in-house reduces waste, enables rapid prototyping, increases efficiency, and facilitates the manufacturing of customised parts.

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Electrical Insulation Sheeting

A selection of sheet materials to provide both electrical and thermal insulation in electrical applications, including wiring and PCBs.

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Reducing Waste by 3D Printing

Ultimaker enables end-to-end manufacturing solutions to help increase in-house productivity, reduce waste and stocking costs.

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Piper Computer Kit

Raspberry Pi 3 preloaded with software allowing user to complete a mission where they build buzzers, buttons, switches and LED lights.

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3D Scanner

Using an eye-safe laser scanner with the +Quickscan software you can capture a digital replica of your object with up to 0.1mm accuracy.

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RS PRO 3D Printer

Improve your printing speed with this printer which has speeds up to 450 mm/s and is ideal for use in a variety of different environments.

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3D Printing Material

With over 600 products to choose from in a variety of material, colour and thickness; we can supply all the materials for your 3D printing.

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Ultimaker 3D Printer Training

Get a deeper understanding of your 3D printer on this half day course which covers installation, hardware, software and troubleshooting.

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PCB Etching Machine

Stencil printer puts solder paste on PCB’s by using a thin metal sheet with holes matching the position of the pads located on the PCB.

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PCB Shears

Accurately and safely cut your printed circuit boards to size with our range of shears available in different sizes.

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PCB Etching and Developing

Range of products which includes everything you need for creating your PCBs, from processing chemicals to etching machines.

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Surface Mount Adapter Boards

Through hole adapter boards used for prototyping projects before mass programming or assembly, allowing test and modification of design.

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A720 PCB Drills

HSCo micro drills designed for fine, precision drilling; available in diameters 0.15 to 0.5mm.

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Prototyping Breadboard

Use to construct a circuit quickly and easily, for testing out an idea or checking how it will react under different parameters.

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Cleaners & Protective Coatings

Range of electronic cleaners and coatings including products for sensitive and anti-static areas, freezer sprays and conformal coatings.

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LED Magnifying Lamp

Focus on the detail, with this 8W LED lamp which has 1.75x magnification making it an asset to any design bench.

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