RS Toolbox App

Get electronics reference at your fingertips. Download the FREE RS Toolbox App from RS Components.

At RS Components we believe that engineers should be able to access design reference any time and anywhere.

That’s why we’ve created the FREE RS Toolbox App – so you can have the handy tools you need, right in your pocket.

We have started with a set of useful ‘minitools’ in the app and will be regularly adding more tools based on your feedback. The possibilities are endless so try RS Toolbox and let us know what you think!

Q - How do I export the calculations out of the App?

A - There are various export options including E-mail. You can either export a Project which combines multiple results or you can export from individual 'minitools' to continue the work on your PC.

Q - Despite being free, does RS Toolbox require any in-app purchases to access some functions?

A - RS Toolbox is completely free of charge and all functionality has zero cost.

Q - Can I buy products through RS Toolbox?

A - Currently RS Toolbox is not a transactional App. If there becomes a high requirement from users for this functionality we may look to include it in future iterations of this App.

Q - Is there an Android version available?

A - RS Toolbox is available only for iOS devices. We are planning to also release a Windows 8 Tablet version, however the date for this is to be confirmed. An Android version is not planned at this stage due to major differences in hardware that Android can be run on.

Q - Can I suggest functionality I would like RS to add to the App?

A - We are always looking at way to improve our tools, if you find anything missing from this App please ensure you recommend improvements and new features from within the App.

Q - I am experiencing an issue with the App, is there anyone I can speak to?

A - You can report issues or bugs via the Support function within the App.

Q - What is Electronics Toolbox Pro?

A - RS Toolbox is based on the popular paid-for Electronic Toolbox Pro App. We have picked the 'minitools' that are most relevant to our customers and this subset is available to you free of charge. Electronics Toolbox Pro is a paid-for app.