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    GU10 LED Bulbs

    GU10 LED bulbs are an energy efficient alternative light bulb to halogen bulbs. GU10 bulbs feature a twist and lock style fitting, with two pins that are 10mm apart. LED bulbs with a GU10 lamp base and design are perfect for use in domestic and commercial environments, providing broad illumination. GU10 LED light bulbs commonly feature a reflector type design and are available in a range of colour tones to suit your needs.

    Where Are GU10 Bulbs Used?

    Due to their flat reflector type design, GU10 bulbs are perfect for use in downlight fittings. These types of LED light bulbs are ideal for providing light in a wide range of domestic and commercial settings.

    Why Choose GU10 LED Bulbs?

    Not only do GU10 light bulbs provide excellent illumination, they also use less energy making them far more energy efficient helping to reduce costs. Furthermore, unlike halogen bulbs they do not feature harmful elements and can be recycled. In addition, LED bulbs such as GU10 produce less heat and last far longer than alternative lighting types.

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