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    B22 LED Bulbs

    B22 LED bulbs are considered the most common type of light bulb. Featuring a bayonet type base with two pins either side, B22 bulbs can be easily fitted to bayonet style fittings in a wide range of environments. B22 bulbs commonly feature the classic bulb shape, however they are also available in various other styles and colour temperatures to suit your needs.

    Where Are B22 LED Bulbs Used?

    B22 LED bulbs and fittings are found in almost any commercial or domestic environment where lighting is required. The classic bayonet design has been one of the most used bulb fittings for years due to the simple and easy to use design. B22 LED bulbs are ideal for use in areas such as ceiling lights in households, offices and desktop lamps.

    Why Use B22 LED Bulbs?

    B22 LED bulbs are an energy efficient alternative to standard B22 bulbs, helping to reduce energy consumption by up to 90%. Furthermore, choosing a B22 LED bulb over a standard incandescent or halogen B22 bulb means you will benefit from a much greater lifespan of up to 20 times longer. For those looking to become more eco-friendly, sustainably conscious and cost efficient, B22 LED bulbs are an excellent choice.

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