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    E27 GLS LED Bulbs

    E27 GLS (general lamp shape) LED bulbs are an energy saving alternative bulb to standard halogen bulbs. As the name suggests, E27 GLS LED light bulbs feature a typical light bulb shape similar to a pear. E27 refers to the base and stands for Edison screw, meaning the bulb features a screw in type base that is 27mm in diameter. E27 GLS LED bulbs are ideal for use in a wide range of environments, providing a long lasting and cost saving light source.

    Where are E27 LED GLS Bulbs Used?

    LED GLS bulbs with an E27 base are ideal for use in a range of domestic and commercial settings. These quick and easy to install LED bulbs are available in a range of colour temperatures, from warm white to cool white. E27 or ES GLS LED bulbs can be utilised in any space that features an Edison screw style fitting.

    Why use E27 LED GLS Bulbs?

    ES GLS LED bulbs are highly energy efficient, helping you to reduce energy usage and costs. LED bulbs last up to 20 times longer than standard halogen style bulbs, meaning you will need to replace them less often. In addition, ES GLS LED bulbs produce less heat and contain no harmful gasses or other materials, making them a more sustainable and eco friendly choice of light bulb.

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