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    GU5.3 LED Bulbs

    GU5.3 LED bulbs (also referred to as MR16 LED bulbs) are an energy saving LED bulb ideal for downlight or spotlight fittings. GU5.3 LEDs are an excellent energy efficient alternative light bulb to standard halogen or incandescent bulbs. Often designed with reflectors, GU5.3 bulbs emit light with a broad range and are ideal for lighting a room. At RS you will find a selection of GU5.3 and MR16 LED bulbs in a range of colour tones and temperatures to suit your needs.

    Where Are GU5.3 LED Bulbs Used?

    GU5.3 LED bulbs provide an aesthetically pleasing look and feel whilst providing sufficient indoor lighting. Commonly found in commercial and domestic environments, GU5.3 LED bulbs are ideal for general lighting as well as decorative displays and units.

    Why Use GU5.3 LED Bulbs?

    LED bulbs with a GU5.3 fitting are quick and easy to install and are suitable for use in a range of environments. In addition, GU5.3 LED light bulbs are far more energy efficient helping to reduce energy bills and costs. Unlike standard halogen style bulbs that need replacing frequently, LED GU5.3 light bulbs can last up to 20 times longer meaning you get more use out of the bulb. As LED bulbs produce less heat and contain no harmful gases, they are also much safer for the environment making them a much more sustainable choice.

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