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    E14 Candle LED Bulb

    E14 candle LED bulbs are an energy efficient alternative light bulb to standard candle bulbs. E14 candle LED bulbs feature a flame like design that is wide at the base and tapered towards the tip. Often used for decorative purposes, LED candle shape light bulbs are perfect for providing an aesthetically pleasing look in a variety of environments. LED Candle shaped light bulbs are available in a range of lamp base styles, colour temperatures and tones to suit your needs.

    Where Are E14 LED Candle Light Bulbs Used?

    Candle shape E14 LED light bulbs are widely used in commercial and domestic settings to provide a decorative look and feel. E14 LED candle bulbs are available in tones such as warm white, with dimmable options available and are ideal for use in chandeliers, lamps and open spaces.

    Why Use Candle E14 LED Bulbs?

    Unlike traditional halogen or incandescent candle bulbs, E14 candle LED bulbs are highly energy efficient and cheaper to run. LED E14 candle light bulbs also last up to 20 times longer than standard bulbs, meaning they will need to be replaced far less. In addition, LED bulbs generate much less heat and don’t feature any harmful chemicals making much safer for the environment after use.

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