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    G4 LED Bulbs

    G4 LED bulbs are a low voltage and energy efficient alternative light bulb type. The capsule design of G4 bulbs makes them ideal for applications with limited spaces. G4 LED bulbs often emit a warm white colour temperature, making them suitable for various commercial and domestic environments. G4 LEDs features a lamp base with 2 pins that are 4mm, allowing them to be easily installed to appropriate lamp fittings.

    Where Are G4 LEDs Used?

    G4 LED bulbs are commonly used as a lighting source in decorative pieces in environments such as living rooms, lounges, and bedrooms. Due to their often-compact capsule like design, G4 bulbs can be installed in furniture and other objects.

    Why Use G4 LEDs?

    G4 LED bulbs are a cost effective and energy efficient alternative type of G4 bulb. As they feature LED technology, they produce less heat than standard bulbs and can last up to 20 times longer.

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