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    Dimmable LED Bulbs

    Dimmable LED bulbs are ideal for creating mood lighting in a room by adjusting the brightness of your lights. The technology behind dimmable LED lights makes them far superior when compared to halogen traditional bulbs. These LED bulbs consume 90% less energy, last up to 20 times longer and are quieter without any buzzing.

    Dimmable LED bulbs can be used for living rooms, bedrooms and any other areas where you want to create the perfect atmosphere. They can also be used for lighting specific paintings and sculptures.

    For dimming LEDs, an LED compatible dimmer switch is usually needed as well as LED bulbs that have been specially designed for dimming. It is essential that you check which dimmers are compatible otherwise you might experience flickering and buzzing from the dimmable LED bulb if the wrong dimmer is being used. The brightness of dimmable light bulbs can also be set through a smartphone, tablet or smart home assistant.

    RS Component have a great range of LED lighting, including a range of dimmable LED bulbs with lamp bases such as GU10 and GU4, colour temperatures 2700K to 6500K available in cool white, daylight and warm whites colour tones.

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