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    Philips LED Bulbs

    Philips LED bulbs are available in several different styles, sizes, shapes and fittings to suit a wide range of lighting solutions from your home to the workplace. Philips LED light bulbs use up to 90% less energy and have a longer life than traditional bulbs. You can trust that their high-quality LED bulbs will provide great illumination for any environment.

    Why switch to LED Bulbs

    • Energy efficient
    • Instant light when you switch the light on, LED bulbs do not need to warm up
    • Dimmable options available 
    • Very robust as they are no filaments or fragile glass used in the design of LED bulbs
    • LEDs do not emit infrared (IR) or ultraviolet (UV) light, only visible light
    • LEDs do not contain mercury, lead or other toxic materials

    Here at RS Component we stock a great range of Philips LED bulbs to meet all your lighting requirements, including various colour temperatures in cool white, warm glow and warm white options. LED dimmable bulbs are also available which let you control the brightness of your room. So, whether you are looking for LED bulbs for your living room, kitchen or bathroom you can be sure that we can meet your request.

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