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    E14 LED Bulbs

    E14 bulbs are often referred to as SES bulbs or small Edison Screw Bulbs. Like standard Edison Screw bulbs, E14 bulbs are a type of energy efficient LED light bulb that is easy to install. Available in a wide range of shapes and colour temperatures to suit any domestic setting, these LED light bulbs are cost-effect and reliable light source. SES bulbs feature a 14mm screw base, allowing them to be easily installed into appropriate sized fittings via a screw method.

    What is the difference between SES and E14 Bulbs?

    SES is an abbreviation of Small Edison Screw, in relation to the lamp base type. Like SES, E14 also refers to the lamp base and illustrates the bulb has an Edison screw base that is 14mm wide. In summary, SES and E14 are often used to describe the same bulb.

    Where are E14 LED Bulbs Used?

    Due to their compact design, E14 LED bulbs are commonly found in domestic settings and appliances such as ceiling lights or bedside lamps. E14 small Edison screw light bulbs are a cost-effective and energy efficient alternative light bulb to halogen bulbs. At RS you will find a wide range of low energy E14 bulbs in various shapes including candle and globe, as well as colour temperatures such as warm white and cool white to suit your needs.

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