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    LED Filament Bulbs

    LED filament bulbs are a type of light bulb which has been made to look like a traditional incandescent light bulb with visible filaments for a pleasing aesthetic look and light distribution purposes. LED filament bulbs have a longer life (up to 15,000 hours) and are ideal for indoor lighting applications and with up to 90% energy savings comparted to incandescent lamps. These LED bulbs use LED technology with a LED filament design to create a lovely and relaxing warm ambience in any room in your house.

    LED decorative filament bulbs are ideal if you want to make a feature of the lighting in your rooms. These types of bulb have become very popular as they give off a sleek contemporary look and feel and are often fitted without a shade to clearly highlight the filament design.

    LED filament lamps are perfect for homes, generally use low wattage incandescent technology and come in colour temperatures such as warm white.

    RS have a great range of LED lighting to meet all your lighting requirements, including a range of LED filament bulbs which are available in warm colour temperatures and are used to give a more creative lighting feature than other light bulbs. LED dimmable bulbs are also available which let you control the brightness of your room.

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