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    E27 LED Bulbs

    E27 Bulbs, also referred to as ES or Edison screw bulbs, are a common type of LED bulb found in most households today. E27 relates to the lamp base of the bulb and indicates it has an Edison screw (ES) fitting that is 27mm wide.

    Why use an E27 LED blub

    E27 LED bulbs are quick and easy to install and offers energy efficient lighting suitable for most domestic settings. Due to the Edison screw lamp base, E27 bulbs are easy to install or replace and are available in a wide range of shapes, lumens and colour tones such as warm white, cool white, daylight and more.

    What Lamp Shapes Are E27 Bulbs Available In?

    E27 light bulbs are available in a variety of common bulb shapes to suit various environments. At RS you will find E27 LED bulbs in lamp shapes including globe, candle, GLS and more ensuring a light source that's right for you.

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