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    R7S LED Bulbs

    R7S LED bulbs are a type of stick LED or linear lamp with two caps at each end. LED bulbs with an R7S fitting can be used as replacements for conventional R7S halogen tube bulbs, offering a far more energy efficient alternative. R7S bulbs are available in various lengths and diameters. Dimmable R7S LED bulbs are also available which give you control over the brightness in your room. RS have a great range of LED lighting to meet all your lighting requirements, including a range of R7S LED bulbs which have an all-round light effect and contain no mercury making them more environmentally friendly.

    Where are R7S LED Bulbs Used?

    R7S bulbs can be found in floor lamps and wall fittings in both indoor and outdoor lights. They provide a professional and stylish aesthetic, whilst emitting sufficient light in a range of environments.

    Why Use R7S LED Bulbs?

    R7S LED bulbs provide instant light when they are switched on and generate no heat. LED technology can save up to 90% energy through innovative design and have a 15,000-hour life span which helps to reduce maintenance costs.

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