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    E27 LED Filament Bulbs

    E27 filament LED bulbs are an energy saving light bulb commonly used in domestic and commercial settings. With an E27 (Edison screw) lamp base, these filament LED bulbs are quick and easy to install, providing a professional and welcoming aesthetic. Unlike standard LED bulbs which can produce a cooler white tone, E27 filament LED bulbs are favoured for their warm white colour temperatures. E27 LED filament bulbs are available in a variety of lamp shapes including GLS, candle and more. For those aiming to create a warm and welcome atmosphere, E27 LED filaments bulbs are the perfect choice.

    Where Are E27 Filament LED Bulbs Used?

    E27 LED filament light bulbs are suitable for use in any indoor space that features an E27 type fitting. With an Edison screw style base, these filament LED bulbs can be screwed into appropriate fittings with ease. Due to the warm and cosy colour temperatures that LED filament bulbs emit, they are perfect for decorative purposes in homes, bars, cafes and retail stores.

    Why Use E27 Filament LED Bulbs?

    Not only do E27 filament LED bulbs create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, they also use far less energy than typical halogen bulbs. This means they are highly energy efficient and cost much less to run saving you money. In addition, LED filament bulbs do not generate heat or contain harmful gases making them much more environmentally friendly.

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