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    LED Bayonet Bulbs

    LED bayonet bulbs (also known as B22 or BC bulbs) are a type of lightbulb with the traditional push and twist style of bulb cap and come in a choice of shapes including standard GLS, candle shape and golf ball shape. Colour temperatures include cool white, daylight, warm white and multi-colour. These LED light bulbs are equally suited to both domestic and commercial applications and are often found in ceiling fittings. By fitting the right bulb in your home or workplace can make all the difference to the mood of your room.

    How much power do LEDs light bulbs use?

    On average LEDs use 90% less power compared to incandescent bulbs. The reason for this is that LEDs are more efficient in converting energy into light.

    How long do LED bulbs last for?

    LEDs offer longer lifetimes and less maintenance is needed, this is because it is a type of solid-state lighting. It is less likely to fail completely, a well-built LED bayonet bulb can last up to 25,000 hours.

    How can LED bulbs save you money?

    It is thought that around 20% of a household's energy consumption comes from lighting, within commercial premises, this could be even more. The cost of switching to LED is soon outweighed with the savings made to a light source that uses a fraction of the energy.

    RS Component have a great range of LED lighting to meet all your lighting requirements, including a range of LED bayonet bulbs which are available in various colours temperatures, shapes and lumens. LED dimmable bayonet bulbs are also available which let you control the brightness of your room.

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