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    6W LED Bulbs

    6W LED bulbs are an energy saving alternative bulb to typical halogen or incandescent types. Despite a lower wattage, 6W LED bulbs can emit the same amount of light as a halogen 50W equivalent, meaning far less energy is consumed helping to cut costs and resource. 6W LED bulbs are available in a wide range of lamp shapes and base fittings, with various colour temperatures to choose from.

    Where are 6W LEDs Used?

    6W LEDs are ideal for use in small indoor spaces that require general and instant lighting. 6W LED bulbs provide sufficient lighting in a range of indoor environments including domestic and commercial, whilst helping to reduce running costs.

    Why Use 6W LED Bulbs?

    Unlike halogen bulbs that produce a lot of heat and use a lot of energy, LED bulbs including 6W generate next to not heat and are far more energy efficient using up to 90% less energy. In addition, they don’t feature harmful gases so are a much more environmentally friendly option.

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