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    GU10 Dimmable LED

    GU10 dimmable LED bulbs are a high quality and energy efficient alternative to standard halogen style GU10 LED bulbs. Dimmable GU10 LED bulbs feature a twist and lock style fitting for quick and easy installation. The base has two pins that are 10mm apart and provide a secure connection. GU10 dimmable bulbs provide flexible lighting styles suitable for a range of environments. Dimmable GU10 LEDs are available in a variety of colour temperatures and tones to suit your needs.

    Where are GU10 Dimmable LEDs Used?

    GU10 dimmable LEDs are ideal for use in a range of domestic and commercial settings that feature downlight or spotlight fittings. These dimmable bulbs often feature a reflector style design, allowing the bulb to directly emit light. With the option to dim the lights, these GU10 LED bulbs are a versatile and energy efficient choice.

    Why Choose GU10 LED Bulbs?

    Unlike typical halogen or incandescent dimmable bulbs, GU10 dimmable LEDs are extremely energy efficient, using up to 90% less energy helping to reduce running costs. Dimmable GU10 LEDs also produce less heat and provide a much longer life span. At RS you will find a variety of dimmable GU10 LED bulbs in different colour temperatures to suit your needs and become more sustainable.

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