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    Dimmable E27 LED Bulbs

    E27 dimmable LED bulbs are an excellent energy saving bulb with a simple Edison screw type base. Often referred to as ES (Edison screw), E27 LED bulbs with dimmable capabilities are ideal for use in domestic and commercial settings to provide a desired atmosphere. The Edison screw style base means the LED bulbs can be installed quickly and efficiently.

    Where are Dimmable E27 LED Bulbs Used?

    Dimmable E27 LED bulbs are commonly used in homes, providing complete control of the amount of light the bulb emits. Having a dimmable LED bulb means you can create a soft and calm atmosphere perfect for relaxing at home. Alternatively, you also have the option to increase the amount of light emitted for those darker nights. E27 dimmable LED bulbs provide a versatile choice of lighting options and are available in a variety of colour temperatures and lamp shapes.

    Why Use Dimmable E27 LED Bulbs?

    Not only do you benefit from a versatile choice of lighting styles with an E27 dimmable LED bulb, you also greatly reduce your energy usage and impact on the planet. E27 dimmable LED bulbs are far more energy efficient than standard halogen or incandescent bulbs, meaning reduced bills and environmental impact. They also last much longer (up to 20 times longer), meaning you get more usage for your money.

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