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    FLIR Clamp Meters

    FLIR clamp meters combine the power of traditional clamp meters with cutting-edge thermal imaging technology, giving you a whole new perspective on electrical troubleshooting and analysis.

    Why would you use a FLIR Clamp Meter?

    • Some models like the CM274 feature Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) – lets you visualise hot spots and overloaded circuits with the built in integrated thermal imaging sensor.
    • Preventative Maintenance - identify potential issues before they become failures, avoiding costly downtime and repairs.
    • Enhanced Safety - detect dangerous overheating conditions from a safe distance, minimising the risk of shock or arc flash.

    FLIR clamp meters boast a range of advanced features that go beyond just thermal vision:

    • True RMS measurement - accurately measure distorted waveforms for reliable results.
    • LoZ and Smart Diode - troubleshoot grounding issues and leakage currents with ease.
    • Rugged Design - built to withstand harsh environments and demanding workloads.
    • Large Backlit Display - read measurements clearly in any lighting conditions.
    • Data Logging and Connectivity - transfer and analyse data for further investigation and reporting.
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