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    Small Clamp Meters

    Small clamp meters or pocket clamp meters, are a valuable category within the clamp meter market. They're designed for situations where access is limited, or bulky tools are simply impractical. They are ideal for tight panels, intricate wiring within appliances, and delicate automotive systems.

    What size is considered small?

    There's no strict definition, but generally, small clamp meters have jaw openings of 25mm or less. This allows them to easily fit around thin wires, bundled conductors, or even single leads. Compared to standard clamp meters with openings typically ranging from 30mm to 50mm, the size difference can be significant.

    Benefits of small clamp meters:

    • Accessibility – they can reach tight spaces and work around delicate components with ease.
    • Portability - compact and lightweight, perfect for carrying in tool pouches or pockets.
    • Manageability - often simpler to hold and operate with one hand.
    • Precision – can cater to lower current ranges, making them ideal for sensitive measurements.
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