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    Wireless Clamp Meters

    Wireless clamp meters, also known as wireless current clamps, are a type of measuring tool used to measure electrical current without needing to physically touch the conductor. This makes them ideal for measuring current in hard-to-reach or dangerous locations, such as in live electrical panels or on large cables.

    Wireless clamp meters typically connect to a mobile device or tablet via Bluetooth, allowing you to view the measurements remotely. This can be helpful for safety reasons, as it allows you to stay away from the live conductor while taking measurements. Additionally, it can make it easier to record and share your measurements.

    Benefits of using wireless clamp meters include:

    • Versatility – can measure a variety of electrical parameters, such as AC and DC current, voltage, and resistance.
    • Data logging - some models can be used to log data over time, which can be helpful for troubleshooting or monitoring electrical systems.
    • Safety - you can take measurements from a safe distance, away from live conductors.
    • Portability - small and lightweight, making them easy to carry around.
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