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    Chauvin Arnoux Clamp Meters

    Chauvin Arnoux clamp meters are specialised measuring tools used by electricians and technicians to measure electrical current without breaking the circuit. They work by clamping around the conductor, creating a magnetic field that induces a current in the meter's coil. This current is then proportional to the current flowing in the conductor, allowing the meter to display the reading.

    Why would you use a Chauvin Arnoux clamp meter:

    • Safety - Clamps eliminate the need to break into a circuit, reducing the risk of shock or arc flash.
    • Convenience - you do not need to disconnect or strip wires, making it faster and easier to take measurements.
    • Accuracy - Clamp meters can measure AC and DC current, as well as other electrical parameters like voltage, resistance, and frequency, with high accuracy.
    • Non-invasive - they can be used on live circuits without affecting their operation.

    Chauvin Arnoux offers a wide range of clamp meters, each with its own features and capabilities. Some of the most popular models include:

    • F201 - A compact and affordable clamp meter for basic electrical measurements.
    • F403 - A more advanced clamp meter with a larger jaw opening and True RMS measurement for distorted waveforms.
    • F606 - A high-current clamp meter for measuring up to 2000A AC/DC.
    • F65 - A leakage current clamp meter for measuring small currents, such as those associated with ground faults.
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