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    Fluke True RMS Clamp Meters

    Fluke True RMS clamp meters are electrical testing instruments designed for safely and accurately measuring current, voltage, resistance, and other electrical parameters without breaking the circuit. They leverage True RMS technology, ensuring accurate readings even for distorted waveforms, often prevalent in modern electrical equipment.

    True RMS measurement is crucial for accurately measuring AC currents, especially those generated by inverters, variable speed drives, and switching power supplies, which often have non-sinusoidal waveforms.

    Built to withstand harsh environments, Fluke clamp meters are rugged and come with safety features like CAT III and CAT IV ratings for high-voltage environments, protecting the user against potential electrical hazards.

    Popular Fluke True RMS clamp meter models include:

    • Fluke 323
    • Fluke 325
    • Fluke 373
    • Fluke 376

    Choosing the right Fluke True RMS clamp meter depends on your specific needs and budget. When choosing a Fluke rms clamp meter, it is important to consider factors such as the maximum current you need to measure, desired accuracy, and the type of measurements you need.  Also there may be other additional features such as data logging and peak hold which you might find valuable for your tasks at hand.

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