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    AC Current Clamp Meters

    An AC current clamp meter measures alternating current (AC) flowing through a conductor without interrupting the circuit. These clamp meters offer high accuracy and resolution for reliable measurements making them incredibly valuable for electricians, technicians, and anyone working with AC electrical systems.

    How do AC current clamps work?

    • The clamp consists of two jaws that open and close around the conductor.
    • As the jaws are closed, the magnetic field generated by the AC current flowing through the conductor induces a voltage in the clamp.
    • This voltage is then measured by the meter and translated into an AC current reading that is displayed on the screen.

    Benefits of using an AC current clamp meter:

    • Non-intrusive measurement - no need to disconnect wires, simplifying testing and minimising the risk of electrical shock.
    • Safety - allows measurements on live circuits without interrupting operation.
    • Versatility - can measure a wide range of AC currents, from small appliance currents to high-amp motor currents.
    • Portability - compact and lightweight

    Features of AC current clamp meters:

    • True RMS - ensures accurate readings even for distorted waveforms found in some equipment and appliances.
    • Jaw size – important to choose a clamp with jaws large enough to fit around the thickest cables you'll encounter.
    • Additional functions - some models may include features like voltage, resistance, and temperature measurement.
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