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    Testo Clamp Meter

    Testo clamp meters electrical testing instruments designed to safely and accurately measure current without breaking the circuit. They do this using a jaw that clamps around the conductor, detecting the magnetic field generated by the flowing current and converting it into an electrical signal for display.

    Clamp meters are considered essential tools for electricians, technicians, and anyone who needs to work with electrical systems. They come in various models suited for different needs.

    Popular Testo clamp meter models include:

    • Testo 770-1 – ideal for everyday tasks
    • Testo 770-3 – measures AC/DC current and features Bluetooth connectivity for remote viewing, data logging, and report creation via the free Testo Smart App.

    Choosing the right Testo clamp meter depends on your specific needs and budget. Consider factors like the type of current you need to measure (AC, DC, or both), the maximum current range, the desired accuracy, and any additional features you might find valuable.

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