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    Open Jaw Clamp Meters

    Open jaw clamp meters offer a distinct advantage over traditional clamp meters with closed jaws as they don't require you to completely encircle the conductor you're trying to measure.

    Features of open jaw clamp meters:

    • No need to disconnect wires – they can measure current without physical contact and avoids disrupting ongoing electrical operation.
    • Access tight spaces - they can easily reach conductors in cramped or awkward locations where full encirclement with a closed jaw meter is impossible.
    • Measure larger conductors - can accommodate thicker cables that wouldn't fit inside the jaws of a standard clamp meter.

    Overall, open jaw clamp meters offer a valuable advantage in situations where accessibility and convenience are paramount. They are well-suited for electrical technicians, maintenance personnel, and anyone who needs to quickly and safely measure current in difficult-to-reach or live circuits.

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