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    Keysight Clamp Meters

    Keysight clamp meters are specialised tools for measuring electrical current without breaking the circuit. Keysight offers various clamp meters to suit different needs and budgets, from basic current/voltage options to advanced models with extensive features.

    Key Features include:

    • Accuracy and versatility - most models offer True RMS measurement for distorted waveforms, along with additional functions like voltage, resistance, frequency, and even temperature depending on the model.
    • Non-intrusive measuring - clamp around a conductor, and the meter picks up the magnetic field generated by the current flow, translating it into a reading. No need to break circuits, reducing risk and saving time.
    • Keysight clamp meters adhere to strict safety standards and offer various voltage ratings (CAT III and CAT IV) for working with different voltage levels.
    • Intuitive interfaces and easy-to-read displays make them accessible for both seasoned technicians and beginners.
    • Built to withstand demanding work environments.
    • Data logging and connectivity - some models let you capture, analyse and share data for future reference.

    Who uses Keysight clamp meters:

    • Electricians - for troubleshooting circuits, verifying installations, and diagnosing electrical problems.
    • Technicians - testing equipment, analysing energy consumption, and performing preventative maintenance.
    • Inspectors - to ensure electrical safety and code compliance in buildings and installations.
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