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    True RMS Clamp Meters

    A true RMS clamp meter, also known as a TRMS clamp meter, is a type of clamp meter that delivers highly accurate readings of AC current, even when dealing with complex or distorted waveforms. This stands in contrast to average responding clamp meters, which are less accurate when measuring non-sinusoidal AC currents.

    Who uses True RMS Clamp Meters?

    • Electricians - for various tasks like troubleshooting circuits, identifying overloaded conductors, and verifying motor currents.
    • HVAC technicians - for measuring current draw in motors and compressors for equipment troubleshooting and maintenance.
    • Industrial maintenance workers - to monitor current flow in machinery and identify potential issues before they cause downtime.
    • Electronics hobbyists - anyone working with AC circuits with complex waveforms, like those with dimmers, SCRs, or switching power supplies, can benefit from the accuracy of a TRMS clamp meter.

    Depending on the model, they may offer features like:

    • Measuring AC/DC voltage alongside current.
    • Resistance measurement - checking continuity and resistance values.
    • Determining the frequency of AC signals.
    • Data logging - recording measurements for later analysis.
    • Display options - Backlit display, data hold function, etc.
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