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    Earth Leakage Clamp Meters

    Earth leakage clamp meters are specialised tools designed to measure leakage current, typically milliamps (mA) to hundreds of amps (A), which is the unwanted flow of electricity away from the intended circuit and back to the earth. This can happen due to faulty wiring, damaged insulation, or appliance malfunctions.

    These types of clamp meters come in various sizes and jaw openings to accommodate different cable thicknesses. Some models have flexible jaws for improved accessibility in tight spaces and offer True RMS measurement, which accurately captures the true effective value of distorted waveforms often present in modern electrical systems.

    Many earth leakage clamp meters also measure other electrical parameters like voltage, resistance, and frequency, making them versatile tools for various electrical testing needs.

    Why would you use an Earth Leakage Clamp Meter?

    • Unlike traditional multimeters that require breaking the circuit, earth leakage clamp meters measure current non-invasively by simply clamping around the conductor, minimising the risk of shock or arc flash.
    • Troubleshooting electrical issues becomes quicker and easier as you do not need to disconnect wires or disrupt circuit operation.
    • They provide precise readings of leakage current, even at very low levels, enabling early detection of potential problems before they lead to serious failures.
    • Regular monitoring of leakage current helps ensures the safety and proper functioning of electrical systems, reducing the risk of fires and equipment damage.
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