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    GMC-I Prosys Clamp Meters

    GMC-I Prosys clamp meters are known for their high accuracy, robust build quality, and a variety of features catering to different needs and budgets. Clamp meters are electrical testing tools used to measure current and voltage without breaking the circuit. Some models offer more advanced functions like temperature, frequency and capacitance measurement as well as data logging and Bluetooth connectivity. They are perfect for professionals who need reliable and accurate electrical measurements in demanding environments.

    Key Features include:

    • AC/DC current measurement
    • True RMS measurement - accurately measures distorted waveforms for reliable results.
    • Voltage measurement
    • Resistance and continuity testing - for basic circuit troubleshooting.
    • Data hold and backlight - convenient for working in dimly lit environments.
    • Safety compliance - most models meet CAT III and/or CAT IV safety standards for use on various voltage levels.
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