Single Board Computers

Single Board Computer (SBC) is a computer where all the computer components are built into a single circuit board. It contains the microprocessor, storage and memory, as well. We offer a selection of single board computers including Intel single board computer which is fully populated with Intel Core™ ix processor, heatsink and 1 or 4GB memory.Features and Benefits of single board computers:● Supports one Gigabit Ethernet● Supports one IDE and one SATA hard drive● Supports six USB 2.0 port● Onboard LVDS support: One single-channel LVDS panel support● Supports HD audio● Supports one HDMI port Applications:Single board computers can be found embedded in larger devices like:● ATM machines● Industrial components● Medical equipment● Cash registers● Touch screen kiosks

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Description Price Core Processor Processor Clock Speed Front-Side Bus Clock Speed Supported Memory Installed Memory Maximum Supported Memory Capacity Supported I/O Interfaces Supported Network Interfaces Supported Video Ports Expansion Slots Supported On-board Solid State Disk Type Supported Hard Drive Interface Dimensions Height
RS Stock No. 768-9782
Mfr. Part No.APC 8750
VIA 800 800MHz - - 512 MB 2GB USB 2.0 10/100 Ethernet HDMI, VGA MicroSD NAND Flash - 170 x 92.05 x 34.92mm 34.92mm
RS Stock No. 775-5003
Mfr. Part No.FIGnition inFUZE
Atmel AVR 8-bit 20MHz - - 8 kB - GPIO - - - - - - -
RS Stock No. 880-6862
Mfr. Part No.SK-Armadillo-43T
Brand4D Systems
ARM1176JZF-S - - - - - USB Ethernet, Wifi - - - - 120.7 x 16.5 x 69.6mm 69.6mm
RS Stock No. 667-2890
Mfr. Part No.20-101-1256
Rabbit 4000 40MHz - 1x SRAM 1 MB - Ethernet, RS232 x 3, Wireless 10 Base-T - - - - 96 x 146 x 16mm 16mm
RS Stock No. 713-8925
Mfr. Part No.AMOS-3001-2N12A2
VIA Nano E 1.2GHz 800MHz 1x SODIMM DDR2 2 GB 1MB COM x 2, HDMI, RJ45, USB 2.0 x 4, VGA Gigabit Ethernet VGA - - SATA 150 x 108 x 46mm 46mm
RS Stock No. 667-2904
Mfr. Part No.20-101-1220
Rabbit 4000 58.98MHz - 1x SRAM 512 kB - Ethernet, RS232 x 3, RS485 10/100 Ethernet - - MiniSD - 96 x 146 x 24mm 24mm
RS Stock No. 716-5182
Mfr. Part No.NANO-8044-1600
Intel Atom Z530 1.6GHz 400/533MHz 1x SODIMM DDR2 - - Audio, Ethernet, GPIO, IDE, LVDS, RS232, RS422, RS485, USB 2.0 x 6, VGA Gigabit Ethernet LVDS, VGA PCI Compact Flash, SD IDE - -
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