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    A good quality monitor provides more than just images on a screen. Whether you need a gaming monitor, an office PC monitor or a warehouse viewing screen, the better the quality, the more immersed in the information showing the user will be. With a range of monitors that are Full HD and varied screen sizes, each computer monitor can excel in its own right.Benefits of a Full HD Monitor• Crystal clear display• Excellent response time• Differing screen sizes to suit environment• Inputs of both HDMI and VGA are available• LCD & LED both available• Types to suit everybody, whether that be a 24-inch monitor, 27-inch monitor or even a 4K monitorWhat types of HD monitors are available?We have various types to suit the particular areas these monitors can function in. Such as offices (commercial and home), warehouses and even outdoor events. The image quality won't be affected by larger screen size, one of the 42-inch versions we stock will still work at 4K resolution. As an example, some of the different types we stock are:• LED-backlit• LCD Monitors• QLED• TFTHow many monitors should I have?Providing the video card can handle the load and has the option, on one PC, having dual Full HD screens is always going to be better than a single. Some graphics cards may have an HDMI input and a VGA or even 2x HDMI. There's no definitive answer to what types you should be using. Providing they have the correct input needed, a Full HD TFT screen would still work as a second screen to an LCD monitor as an example. So whether you need gaming monitors or just standard computer monitors for daily work, dual Full HD screens with HDMI inputs are the more common picks.Shop our range of monitors from brands including Iiyama.iiyama monitors, iiyama touch screen LCDs and iiyama LED monitors are iiyama specialty. iiyama is one of the world's leading manufacturers of monitors. Efficiency, performance, reliability and user comfort are all key to the development of iiyama products.

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