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    Numeric Keypads

    Numeric keypads are compact alternatives to full computer keyboards. They're available as separate, plug-in or Wi-Fi units and are the ideal accessory for increasing the functionality of notebooks, for example. They're designed for numerical inputs and controls, or for frequent number entry, and are suitable for both left- and right-handed users.

    How do numeric keypads work?

    Numeric keypads have laser engraved symbols on the keycaps for longevity. Depending on the keypad type, all keys can be programmed and with either a defined or unlimited number of characters. The input style is similar to a standard calculator. Numeric keypads are available with a wired or wireless connection. Wired connections typically use a straightforward USB.

    Why use numeric keypads?

    Numeric keypads are useful for number-based tasks such as entering long sequences of numbers in a short amount of time. They can be used when inputting into spreadsheets, writing code or using a calculator. The focused number layout permits enhanced productivity and high-speed work that might take longer on a touch screen or standard keypad.

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