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    PicoScope 5000

    The PicoScope 5000D series is an advanced range of PC-based oscilloscopes produced by Pico Technology. These oscilloscopes are designed to provide high-performance, flexibility, and a wide range of features for various measurement and testing applications and are an updated version of the PicoScope 5000 series.

    Key features of the PicoScope 5000D series typically include:

    • High Bandwidth and Sampling Rate - these oscilloscopes often come in various models with high bandwidth and sampling rate options, making them suitable for capturing high-frequency signals with accuracy.
    • High Resolution - ensuring that you can capture and analyse signals with precision.
    • Advanced Triggering - to help capture specific events or conditions in your signal.
    • Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope (MSO) Option - some models in the 5000D series come with MSO functionality, allowing you to simultaneously capture and analyse both analogue and digital signals.
    • Built-in Arbitrary Waveform Generator - models that have a built-in arbitrary waveform generator, allows you to generate custom waveforms for testing and signal generation.
    • USB Connectivity - these oscilloscopes connect to a computer via USB, and they come with PicoScope software, which provides extensive analysis and measurement capabilities.
    • Compact and Portable - they are typically compact and easy to transport, suitable for fieldwork or use in various locations.
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