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    Analogue Oscilloscopes

    Analogue Oscilloscopes (also referred to as Analog Oscilloscopes) are test instruments that are used in several different fields including the telecom and electronics industries. Technicians and engineers regularly rely on analogue scopes for a variety of testing, measurement and analysis needs. The most distinctive feature of analogue oscilloscopes is their use of a CRT for displaying waveforms. A CRT generates a beam of electrons that is deflected to produce the waveform on a phosphorescent screen.

    The main difference between an analogue oscilloscope and a digital oscilloscope is for an analogue device the waveform is shown in the original form, whilst a digital oscilloscope converts the original analogue waveform by sampling it and converts them into digital numbers and then stores them in digital format.

    Oscilloscopes are familiar devices to those working regularly in fields that require general monitoring, diagnosis or troubleshooting of any electrically powered circuits, signals and systems.

    Oscilloscopes are utilised in a wide range of industries for example:

    Educational laboratories

    Electronics troubleshooting and measurement

    Embedded electronics

    Mixed-signal and video designing

    Automotive electronics

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