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    120B Series - ScopeMeters

    Fluke's 120B Series of handheld oscilloscopes, also known as the ScopeMeter 120B Series, is designed for field and industrial applications. These portable oscilloscopes combine the functionality of oscilloscopes and digital multimeters (DMMs) in a single, rugged device, making them well-suited for troubleshooting and maintenance of electrical and electronic systems. The series includes a range of models with varying features and capabilities.

    The ScopeMeter is designed to be compact and portable, making it suitable for use in various field and industrial settings. It is often used for troubleshooting and maintenance of electronic and electrical systems and allows users to visualise and analyse electrical waveforms, voltage signals, and time-based signals. It can display voltage waveforms, and users can measure voltage, frequency, and other waveform characteristics.

    Popular models in the 120B Series include:

    • Fluke 123B - This is a basic model in the series, featuring two-channel oscilloscope functionality and basic digital multimeter features.
    • Fluke 124B - like the 123B but with additional measurement and analysis capabilities, making it suitable for more advanced applications.
    • Fluke 125B - often considered the most advanced in the series and includes more features and measurement options compared to the 123B and 124B models.
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