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    TBS1000C Series

    The TBS1000C Series is a range of oscilloscopes manufactured by Tektronix, a well-known company of test and measurement equipment. These remarkable instruments seamlessly blend accuracy with user-friendly simplicity, making them the perfect choice for engineers, educators, and hobbyists alike.

    These digital storage oscilloscopes are used for various electronic measurement and analysis tasks and are designed to meet the needs of both beginners and seasoned users.

    Key Features of the TBS1000C series include:

    • High-definition display that provides a crisp and vibrant view of your waveforms, ensuring that you don't miss the subtlest details in your measurements.
    • Bandwidth options ranging from 50 MHz to 200 MHz
    • Two-channel model for simplicity, or four-channel version to gain comprehensive insights into complex systems and multi-signal environments.
    • High Sample Rate
    • User friendly interface
    • Precise triggering

    Popular models within the TBS1000C Series include:

    • TBS1052C - 50 MHz bandwidth, two-channel model, which is an excellent choice for those who require basic oscilloscope capabilities and work with signals of moderate frequency.
    • TBS1072C - 70 MHz bandwidth, two-channel model. It's suitable for users who need slightly higher bandwidth for their measurements.
    • TBS1102C - 100 MHz bandwidth, two-channel model, offering increased performance for applications involving higher-frequency signals.
    • TBS1202C - 200 MHz bandwidth, this two-channel model making it ideal for a wide range of applications where higher bandwidth is crucial.
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