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    1000 X Series

    The 1000 X-Series is a line of oscilloscopes manufactured by Keysight Technologies, a leading electronic test and measurement equipment company. These oscilloscopes are designed for a wide range of applications, from electronics research and development to educational and industrial settings.

    Key features of the 1000 X-Series oscilloscopes include:

    • Bandwidth - come in various models with different bandwidths. The bandwidth determines the frequency range of signals that the oscilloscope can accurately measure.
    • Number of Channels - can have two or four analogue input channels. This allows for the simultaneous measurement of multiple signals.
    • Sample Rate - typically offer high sample rates, which are important for accurately capturing fast-changing signals.
    • Waveform Update Rate - for capturing and displaying real-time signal changes. The 1000 X-Series usually provides a high waveform update rate.
    • High-resolution colour display, making it easy to visualise and analyse waveforms.
    • Advanced triggering options and analysis capabilities, allowing users to perform detailed signal analysis.
    • Range of connectivity options, including USB, LAN, and Wi-Fi, for data transfer and remote control.

    Within the 1000 X-Series, there are various models with different specifications and capabilities to meet the needs of different users and applications.

    Popular models within the 1000 X-Series include:

    • DSOX1202A - 2-channel oscilloscope with a bandwidth of 200 MHz, offering higher bandwidth for applications that require more frequency range.
    • DSOX1204A - 4-channel oscilloscope with a 200 MHz bandwidth, providing versatility and flexibility for multi-signal measurements.
    • DSOX1202G - features 2 channels with a 200 MHz bandwidth and comes with a built-in function generator, which can be useful for generating test signals and conducting experiments.
    • DSOX1204G - 4 channels, combining oscilloscope and function generator capabilities.
    • EDUX1052A - 2 channels with 50 MHz bandwidth, an education-focused or entry-level model
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