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    200MHz 2-Channel Oscilloscope

    An oscilloscope with a 200MHz bandwidth and 2 channels is a type of test and measurement device that is used in electronics, engineering, and various scientific fields to visualise, measure and analyse electrical signals.

    The 200MHz bandwidth represents the range of frequencies the oscilloscope can accurately measure and display. A 200MHz oscilloscope can accurately display signals with frequencies up to 200 million Hertz (cycles per second). This level of bandwidth is suitable for a wide range of applications, including high-frequency analogue and digital signals.

    2 Channels refers to the oscilloscopes two input channels, which allows you to simultaneously measure and display two different electrical signals on the screen. This feature is particularly useful when you need to compare and analyse multiple signals, such as voltage waveforms or current waveforms, in real-time.

    Common applications for a 200MHz, 2-channel oscilloscope include:

    • Analysing and troubleshooting analogue electronic circuits, including amplifiers, filters, and analogue sensors.
    • Digital Electronics - can capture high-speed digital signals, making it useful for digital design, debugging, and timing analysis of microcontrollers, digital logic, and communication protocols.
    • 200MHz oscilloscopes can be used for intermediate-frequency (IF) and lower RF signal analysis.
    • Power Electronics to examine power waveforms, including voltage and current signals in power electronics systems.
    • Education and Research for teaching and experimentation.
    • General Electronics Testing for general electronic circuit testing, prototyping, and diagnostics
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