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    Digital Oscilloscopes

    Digital oscilloscopes are essential instruments used by engineers and technicians to capture and relay electrical signals and then accurately reconstruct waveforms. These waveforms can be analysed, manipulated, and even stored. They come in various shapes and sizes and some models offer a wide range of facilities such as multi analysis channels, function generators, or even a digital multimeter.

    Our range of digital oscilloscopes is available as handheld, PC based, portable, or for bench applications. Browse of oscilloscope range for high-quality scopes sourced from leading brands such as; Keysight Technologies, Pico Technology, Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix, Teledyne LeCroy, Fluke, RS PRO, and many more.

    Digital Oscilloscopes Types

    Digital Storage Oscilloscopes - These oscilloscopes are the most common scopes in circulation today. Also known as DSO, they are capable of analysing, displaying, and storing electronic signals.

    Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes - These oscilloscopes have similar features to an analogue oscilloscope. They offer real-time sampling and display signals in three dimensions, time, voltage, and frequency of occurrence.

    Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes - These devices are a type of DSO capable of displaying analog and digital signals while supporting both input channel types.

    Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes - These devices have an integrated spectrum analyser which gives you the capability to view the frequency domain and time domain at the same time.

    Things to consider

    Bandwidth: System bandwidth determines an oscilloscopes ability to measure an analog signal. Specifically, it determines the maximum frequency that the instrument can accurately measure.

    Sample Rate: The sample rate of an oscilloscope is comparable to the frame rate of a motion-picture camera. It determines how much waveform detail the scope will capture.


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    Why choose RS for Digital Oscilloscopes?

    Our comprehensive range and easy browsing enable you to find the ideal solution for your needs quickly. Our products are of the highest quality and supported with technical documentation giving you the confidence to make a considered purchase.

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