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    USB Oscilloscopes

    USB oscilloscopes are versatile electronic instruments used for measuring and analysing electrical signals. These oscilloscopes connect directly to a computer or other compatible device via a USB (Universal Serial Bus) port. Instead of having a built-in display screen like traditional benchtop oscilloscopes, USB oscilloscopes rely on software installed on the connected computer to provide the user interface and display the measured waveforms.

    USB oscilloscopes are often small and lightweight, making them highly portable and suitable for field work and on-the-go troubleshooting. They are typically more affordable compared to high-end benchtop oscilloscopes, offering a cost-effective solution for engineers, students, hobbyists, and small laboratories.

    USB oscilloscopes can be employed for automotive diagnostics by connecting to vehicle systems and analysing electrical signals. USB oscilloscopes are also useful for teaching students about electronics, signal analysis, and measurement techniques.

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