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    Tektronix 100 MHz Oscilloscope

    Tektronix 100MHz oscilloscopes offer cutting-edge technology for precise signal analysis and an easy-to-navigate interface that ensures a seamless user experience. These precision measurement instruments are ideal for both engineers and newcomers in the field who demand accuracy in various applications, including telecommunications, automotive, and industrial automation.

    Why You Need a Tektronix 100MHz Oscilloscope:

    • With a generous 100MHz bandwidth, these oscilloscopes allow you to delve into intricate electronic systems and capture waveforms with precision.
    • These oscilloscopes boast intuitive interfaces and responsive touchscreens, making it easy to adjust settings, set triggers, and navigate through measurements with confidence.
    • Versatile triggering options including edge, pulse width, and video triggering, ensuring you can catch even the most elusive signal events.
    • Data Analysis and Reporting - these instruments offer advanced features for signal analysis. Measure frequencies, rise times, and other essential parameters effortlessly. Generate automated reports to streamline documentation.
    • Provide connectivity options such as USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi. Easily transfer data, collaborate with colleagues remotely, and integrate the oscilloscope into your workflow seamlessly.

    How easy are Tektronix Oscilloscopes to use?

    • Intuitive Controls - the user-friendly interface ensures that adjusting settings and making measurements is straightforward and touchscreen displays are responsive and intuitive.
    • Built-in wizards and step-by-step guides assist in setting up the oscilloscope for specific measurement tasks.
    • Online Resources - Tektronix provides comprehensive user manuals, tutorials, and online support, ensuring that you have all the resources you need to master your oscilloscope quickly.
    • With advanced features for remote control and automation, you can simplify complex testing procedures and monitor measurements from a distance.
    • Tektronix often releases software updates that enhance functionality and user experience, ensuring your oscilloscope stays current and relevant.
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