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    Analog discovery 2

    The Analog Discovery 2 is a portable multi-functional USB oscilloscope, logic analyser, and digital pattern generator. This test and measurement device is developed by Digilent, a company that specialises in education electronics and digital design tools. It can measure and generate various analogue and digital signals, making it a versatile tool for electronics experimentation and testing.

    Analog Discovery 2 offers a wide range of capabilities including:

    • It can be used as a 2-channel oscilloscope, allowing you to visualise and measure analogue voltage waveforms. It is useful for tasks like analysing analogue signals, checking signal quality, and troubleshooting circuits.
    • Generates various analogue and digital waveforms, such as sine waves, square waves, and arbitrary waveforms. This feature is handy for generating test signals, driving circuits, and testing device responses.
    • Can function as a 16-channel logic analyser, which is used for capturing and analysing digital signals and timing in digital circuits.
    • It has a basic spectrum analysis function that can be used to analyse the frequency components of signals.
    • Network Analyser to measure frequency response and impedance characteristics of circuits.
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